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Another award won by AIB’s photo: this time the medal is silver!

Today, another one of Angola Image Bank’s photos (taken by Kostadin Luchansky, KODILU, in 2004 in Luanda) was awarded a Silver Photography Award by the International Aperture Awards competition.

Plopped in the middle of a busy downtown street in Angola’s capital city of Luanda, four boys take advantage of a sinkhole formed when a water main ruptured beneath the pavement. Traffic was passing right by them. Luanda’s water supply is limited, so this hole and another “upstream” drew crowds for days. Kids were bathing, playing, and fetching water to wash cars. The holes got larger and larger every day, but they didn’t seem to be bothered. A stream of happiness for some turned out to be a big urban problem for others.

The original photo can be seen below and by clicking on it you will be taken to the AIB’s e-Store where you can:

  • download a free copy for personal use (500 pixels. Might be watermarked at the bottom);
  • order a print on canvas or paper (delivered World Wide);
  • obtain a rights managed or royalty free licence for commercial, editorial, marketing or other use.
Silver medal - 2010 International Aperture Awards
Silver medal – 2010 International Aperture Awards

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